Who we are

The Feline Canine Fellowship Coalition is a 501c3 non-profit charity,
dedicated to providing community support and assistance to individuals, organizations,
and other rescues, to help save lives and reduce the number of companion animals being surrendered to, and euthanized by shelter facilities. Our No Kill organization is staffed by volunteers and we rely entirely on donations to support our efforts. 100% of all donations received, go directly towards the benevolence of the animals.

We provide safe havens for the care and rehabilitation of animals,
one at a time, pending transportation and adoption into their future forever homes.
By promoting responsible pet ownership, spay/neuter, and providing informative tools and resources, educational, financial, estate planning, veterinary /nutritional assistance and guidance, we are able to enhance the quality of companion animals’ lives.
Many times, this support will enable pet owners to retain or properly re-home their pets; and most importantly, avoid the abandonment / surrender of animals to an already over populated shelter system.