Young Again Pet Food

For everyone familiar with our organization, NUTRITION has always been and will continue to be the top priority for us. We follow a food as medicine concept, and are committed to continue our mission, to not only restore the health and well being of pets, but to initiate preventative measures through proper nutritional choices, to ensure and enhance the quality of their lives.

The Feline Canine Fellowship Coalition follows a grain free regimen for all the animals in our care, and we are very excited and proud to announce our affiliation and partnership with the Young Again Pet Food Company. There is NO other comparable brand from a cost/quality standpoint, and new clients to Young Again can take advantage of 10% discount coupon and free shipping when utilizing our promotional code #189028 at the time of order placement.

By eliminating grains, gluten, and soy from you pet’s diets, preventative and or corrective nutritional choices will resolve many of your pet’s health issues, (obesity, diabetes, kidney disease, etc). If your vet continues to sell and or recommend those so called “prescription” commercial brands, prepare yourselves for a future of “dis-ease”, underlying health issues, and a dependency on them for vet care, that could have easily been avoided given the knowledge we have readily available at our disposal.

Please make the healthy choice for your pets, while reducing your monthly food and future vet expenses. It’s only about what’s in the best interest of the animals in our care and I hope each of you will follow our lead, in sharing this, and continuing to support our mission of “Helping People Help Animals”. Thank you again for your continued support.